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Director` Statement  

           I was always interested in the beginnings of anything. In this case, I was looking for answers, how people go down, what could be the cause of somebody`s break down.

            We shot this scene on Formosa and Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.

            Eric Bauman is quite a complex character, an anti-hero. His boss uses him, fires him eventually, and he hides this from his fiancée Sara. On one hand he is unhappy with her;  on the other hand, he cares about her feelings. Outside of his home, he becomes somebody else….  He meets Sonya and he saves her son and this is real. Then he creates second life with her. Instead of confronting his emotions, he escapes through his lies. These situations are real carpe diem for him, but there will be consequences.          

I wouldn’t say he is a coward. He is rather a person on the edge of a nervous breakdown.


           The deeper layer of my movie is that our world, especially Los Angeles, is unnecessarily brutal, we reject people, who are broken, disabled, unsuccessful. Somebody sleeps on the street it is his or her fault. They are "losers". We are so busy thinking about our own lives, we lose our empathy for others until it is too late, and we find ourselves on the street.                

           I am very satisfied with this piece of work. The movie is well done, well directed, well written (I wrote the screenplay in 2012 in 55 min.), well acted and well edited. I am sure, that Krzysztof Kieslowski, whom I knew personally quite well, would say that this is a very well told story about real people.  I am so happy that the film includes Jewish subject matter as well. Celebrating Jewish holidays is important to the main couple. 

Daniel Strehlau

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